You particularly as a leader, in your group, business, or society; have chosen the role of coordinating talents, skills and potentials.
Therefore if sustainable growth have not been achieved over the past few months, you should ask such questions like;

> What’s my attitude towards the vision?
> What am I so enthusiastic about?
> Do I have an agenda for change?
> Do I have a futuristic outlook for growth and expansion?
> Have I over the past few weeks, strategically make provisions for growth and change?
> Do I adequately have resources needed in making this change happen?
> If yes, are they being fully utilised positively to drive growth and productivity?

Great leaders who are persistently active are capable of producing a driving force, that gears growth and development.

Leadership (Talents + Skills + Potentials) = Continuous Productivity
However, Akin-Femi Ade would like you to conceive this in mind,
The Auto-Engine Technique For Growth
Talents, Skills, and Potentials are the mechanisms needed for the growth you so desire, all are representing different gears whether Big, Medium, or Small but all are aimed at producing a driving force, as a leader your duty is to help in guiding their movement and also to ensure that they don’t get worn out.
Thus, the need to build platforms where their capacity can be fully utilized becomes necessary, and also to seek possible ways where fun is included in the task they are given to perform, I often tag this as “#having it the Google way”.
All these are transformed to become a renewable energy needed for driving growth and productivity during daily routines.
Akinfemi Ade wants you to know that;
Good coordinators, always have a positive reward for their actions and discipline

So therefore build a team, and not just manpower for actualizing growth.
Best regards!
Akin-Femi Ade

Image Credit: Forbes