Defining and Aligning of the self is very important in knowing the direction to which ones life should follow, the definition of the self is more or less like knowing ones root and origin, its like a quest to find an identification of oneself, so therefore I will be discussing with you on several ways to define and align self towards success and fulfilment.

What does it mean to define self?

  • To define self is to set standards and principles for living, setting standards or principles for ones life is simply related to asking what quality of life do I want to live?, what should my life be like?, what are the founding pillars for my life?…etc.
  • To define self is to characterize ones life inline with specific mission, vision, and attributes; where there is no vision the people perish, In our quest to fulfilling purpose, we must know our mission, have a vision for fulfilling the mission, and have certain attributes that will live by that totally encapsulates the vision.
  • To define self is to set oneself apart from the mixed multitude; the definition of self puts you in an arena where you know your game, it gives you your unique identity for living, and therefore separates you from the crowd, then you are not just an ordinary person on earth, but a person with purpose and vision.
  • The definition of self is the beginning of a life long adventure; life becomes an adventure of joy, fulfilment and happiness, when you know the scripts to which you should play by, then when you see limitations, you see it as opportunities for achieving more and becoming more better at the game, because you have gotten acquainted with your origin, you have known your purpose and you have set principles and standards by which your life should lean on.
  • The definition of self helps in blocking distractions as you journey your way towards success; a very good example was when Jesus calmed the raging storm, his disciples were so afraid they would die because of the storm, but Jesus had an identity and he knew his origin and he had a principle for living which was by the word of God, so instead of seeing the storm as a limitation, he spoke to the storm with authority knowing fully well his identity and origin, the storm respected his voice and gave its calm, same way when you know yourself, you can speak and walk through every storm in your life.
  • The definition of self is the creation of one’s unique identity and the formation of one’s integrity; the formation of integrity is aimed at driving focus, dedication, attitude, and discipline.
What does it mean to align self?
  • To align is to put things/oneself in order, following specific terms, fixed principles and guided rules, in other to achieve success in life, your life must be totally organised, there must be the When, How, and Why… When making any decision in your life, this will give you a scope for your direction in life.
  • To align is to set yourself aside for a particular cause; after knowing your purpose, the next step is to align yourself towards your purpose, ¬†because that also characterize every cause for your actions
  • To align is like putting yourself on a moving train, that has focus and guide for direction and its destination.

I defined success recently as the ability to conquer self, now you would be asking yourself what does it mean to conquer self, it is simply beating yourself to the task,

A man who have not managed to defeat himself have not fully understood how powerfully he is to himself a  limitation for his success and happiness in life.

In conquering self you must know your strengths and weaknesses, and find ways to properly work on them. Success is also the ability to rebrand self, is like putting off the old man, and putting on the new man, after the discovery of purpose.
The defining and aligning of self of self to certain principles is what paves the way to success, in defining yourself, you will need to genuinely ask yourself questions such as;

  1. Who am I, and what do I seek to represent?
  2. What’s my value system like?
  3. What should characterize my value system?
  4. What’s my passion?
  5. What are my motives/drive towards fulfilment?
  6. If I were to be described by the public, what will they tag me as?
When this questions are genuinely asked of you, then you can know your unique identity and the state of your integrity; on the issue of alignment it is simply building self on a foundation that has been laid, the definition of self is the foundation, that builds and holds the strong walls and pillars that causes you to align properly towards success.
In aligning self, there are certain bench marks and pillars one should hold on to such as;
  1. Commitment
  2. Dedication
  3. Discipline
  4. Constant Appraisal
  5. Focus
  6. Integrity
  7. Clearly stated goals and objectives
  8. Daily growth strategy
  9. Service/Contribution
These all are the few among many others that play an important role in ensuring success is achieved, not just ordinary success but good success. After running through all the rudiments and definitions of defining and aligning yourself towards success, I do hope you have been able to get a bearing through which your life should start from, and if you do have any comments and wants a quick reply, kindly use the box below or send me a direct mail using the mail me function.
Thanks for Reading!
Akin-Femi Ade