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The Amazing Tune of Success

At a point in our lives we want to become recognized for something, and honoured for a particular accomplishment or achievement, we want to get that rousing applause from the audience for a job well done, or particularly be given a standing ovation from those who are ahead of...

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Embracing Risks for Progress

If you think it's so important to you, just do it   Risk takers, will always challenge every mountain or oppositions before them without fear of their present state. No person have ever gotten much better than yesterday, without taking up on daily challenges, even i...

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Entitled to your belief

  I trust you are having a great day, I might not know you, or know what you believe in, but I do know you own the power and control to your belief/belief system. You might have been mocked at some point because of your attachment to whatever you might have believed in, but ...

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