I trust you are having a great day, I might not know you, or know what you believe in, but I do know you own the power and control to your belief/belief system.

You might have been mocked at some point because of your attachment to whatever you might have believed in, but I tell you today that your belief is your driving force in life.
However, your belief also has the power to form your character and attitude which causes you to act in a particular direction.
Positive belief= positive character & attitude.

Negative belief= Negative character & attitude.


*Positive belief
This is a very crucial and important energy of belief that you should always have at all times, it guarantees you good success in life.
When you are a positive believer;
– You are not easily moved by other influencing factors such as limitations, fear or uncertainty.
– You are so focus and always have a direction to where you are heading to.
– You have a principle to which you live by.
– You see pain and limitations as an opportunity for growth and expansion.
– You are a goal getter, with a positive attitude and approach.
– Time can only lead you to your dream, but can’t limit you.
– You are a builder, who knows how to set a solid foundation.
– No compromise whatsoever to your counterpart.
– You are a passionate personality with a vision.

Don’t let anyone take away what you so much believe in, let it be the standard to which you live by.
*Negative Belief
Most individual characterized with negative thoughts are sometimes low achievers, this is because they have drawn to themselves negative energy from the situations and people surrounding them, the energy waves received are transferred into their subconscious, causing them to act and respond in a particular manner.

Attributes of a negative believer;
– They sometimes have no sense of belonging.
– They are not enthusiastic when it comes to achieving goals.
– They easily get angry, and transfer aggression to people surrounding them.
– They sometimes need help, but don’t know how to go about it.
– They accept whatever comes to them.
– They believe that the definition of their personality only comes from others.
– Life to them is an adventure of hustle and bustle.
Words are powerful device through which ones destiny or life can be shaped for good or bad.
If you can learn to create a filter system for your mind that allows you to discard negative thoughts and accept positive thoughts into your belief system, then you are on the verge of starting a journey worth living for.

Keep this quote in mind;
I believe, Therefore I Am